About Us

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Connecting, Enriching and Empowering Lives

Founded in March 2012, Belize Community Conservation is a non-profit group that is devoted to the betterment of struggling communities through education and community development initiatives.

The community of San Mateo is made up of a group of approximately 150 families living in small homes, built on stilts.

San Mateo is a community of ¬†families, desperate for the basic commodities that we in the first world might take for granted. Safe drinking water, treated wastewater, safe electricity, and safe streets and roads. The community is anxious to improve their living conditions, but they need help to build a safe environment so that their families can thrive.We partner with ‘local’ and international organizations and community members to help them realize these goals.

By connecting with the people of San Mateo, Belize and collaborating with the community on projects for education and eco-sanitation that we will create a self-sustaining and strengthened community that will support the lives of the people living in this community.

To learn more about us, or to become a part of Belize Community Conservation, contact us and be a part of the lasting change to San Mateo.